Introducing the BeeDry Mat™, a patent-pending product by BeeFit Designs™

Designed to keep both cloth and leather car seats protected from spots, stains, and odor after any sweaty, wet, or dirty adventure!

The BeeDry Mat™ is great to use after:

  • Yoga/Pilates: Vinyasa, Bikhram, Heated Yoga
  • Crossfit™
  • Gym-rats: treadmill/elliptical, cardio classes, weightlifting
  • Martial Arts: MMATaekwondo, Boxing, Karate, Kung-Fu
  • Water-sports: swimming, surfing, divers, beach go-ers, fishing
  • Snow-sports: skiing, snowboarding, hockey
  • Outdoor activities: hiking, jogging, camping, off-roading, mudding
  • Dirty jobs: mechanics/welders, construction workers, field workers
  • Running: marathon runners, joggers, walkers, triathletes
  • Recreational sports: baseball, little league, basketball, football, soccer, etc.
  • Cyclists
  • For under Baby’s car seat: messy spills
  • Traveling with Animals: excess hair
  • Use as a Yoga Mat
  • Use as a Picnic Blanket or Beach Towel
  • Many more functions and activities…The BeeDry Mat™ is easy to install and remove from your car. The mat is neatly rolled, fastened, and stored behind the headrest of your car seat. When ready for use, simply loosen the fasteners, twist the mat to the front of the car seat, and unbuckle the clips to roll the mat out to cover the seat.


  • Available in an assortment of colors
  • Latex-Free
  • Water-Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and softHelps protect your seats from:


  • Sweat, perspiration
  • Dirt, mud, and sand
  • Excess water
  • Excess hair
  • Accidental spills


  • Hand or machine wash, on gentle cycle
  • Wash or rinse with cool water from a hose, shower, or washer machine
  • May use soap if desired
  • Hang Dry your mat on a wide hangar
  • Light machine wash acceptable
  • Scotch guard can be used on mats for extra protection

Do not:  

  • Machine Dry
  • Hang in the sun
  • Iron
  • Leave unrolled in car when not in use


  • Not for those who have an allergic reaction to neoprene
  • Not for those who have a tendency to develop dermatitis
  • If unusual swelling, skin discoloration, rash or discomfort occur, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Over-exposure to sunlight can dry and crack neoprene, be sure to roll up and store when not in use.


Although the creator has made every effort to ensure accuracy and safety; the user remains fully responsible for the selection and use of this product. Photos may represent children, pets, and others using the product; however these images have not been tested for child, infant, pet, and other safety. Obey local laws, follow manufacturers’ instructions, observe safety precautions, and use common sense.